All of the sites listed below are really top-notch companies that I highly recommend. If they offer something that you need, you should feel very comfortable doing business with them.

1. www.creators-canvas.org - This is my mom's website dedicated to my father. He passed away of cancer and she started up this non-profit organization in honor of him.

2. www.lldpublicrelations.com - LLD Public Relations and Marketing in Washington, Louisiana, is a small, cost effective public relations agency that prides itself on developing personal, highly collaborative relationships with its clients.

3. www.lenardbertrand.com - This is a website for local contractor's that I'm sure you would be very pleased with. Check back so that you can see the excellent work posted on their site.

4. www.fleurdeanie.com - This is not only a client, but a friend. She is a wonderful artist and can definitely fill any open place on your wall with a beautiful painting. Check out her site!


If you would like your site to be one of my "cool sites" all you have to do is ask, it can be arranged. :)


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